Great Exploits

Daniel 11:32

Great Exploits

A Two Year Campaign That Will Have Eternal Impact

For you guidance, the chart below shows the two year impact of various amounts given weekly or monthly.

Amount Given If you give
this amount
total at the end
of 2 years
If you give
this amount
total at the end
of 2 years
$10 $240 $1,040
$25 $600 $2,600
$50 $1,200 $5,200
$75 $1,800 $7,800
$100 $2,400 $10,400
$200 $4,800 $20,800
$250 $6,000 $26,000
$500 $12,000 $52,000
$1,000 $24,000 $104,000

How You Can Get Involved

To make a pledge to the facility expansion campaign, please visit the online giving page and choose “In The Interest of Others” as the category for your giving.  You will have the option of making your contribution by using a credit card or electronic check.  You can also set up a recurring donation through the online giving section of our website.  If you have any questions or problems, please call (706)364-8284 ext 302.
Go to online giving.

We Need Everyone’s Participation

We know that to reach our goals, it is going to take everyone getting involved.  Everyone being willing to prayerfully make a sacrificial commitment.

We are asking every family, every member, every young person, every child, to step out in faith and make a commitment at the level God directs.

We are asking everyone to make sacrificial gifts – at a level above what they have ever done before – as God provides the resources.  Small amounts given over 24 months can have a large impact!

Should I commit what I know I can give – or what I hope I can give?
Pray about making a commitment that will stretch you!  But don’t make a commitment that is entirely unrealistic.

What happens if I make a commitment and then my circumstances change?
This is a faith commitment and you are free to increase, decrease or cancel as you feel the need.  Clearly it is our prayer that you will do everything possible to complete your commitment – and we know that God will honor your faithful service.


The Sanctuary of Augusta
302 Byrd Road
Evans, GA 30809

Telephone Extensions

Main number 706-364-8284

Bryan Cockrell - ext. 303

Office Administration and Congregational Care
Sharon Cockrell - ext. 300

Associate Pastor of Administration and Education
Ricky Coule - ext. 302

Director of Children's Ministries
Cindy Coule - ext. 301

Director of Music and Worship
Mike Doolittle - ext. 305

Associate Pastor to Youth and Missions
Marc Smith - ext. 306

Receptionist/Church Secretary
Sylvia Berry - ext. 304

Senior Adult Coordinator
Anne Hatcher - ext. 316

Bookstore Manager
Kathy Hearn - ext. 313