To minister to an adult is to save a soul.  To minister to a child is to save a life.  What better way to impact the Kingdom of Christ than to begin teaching children about God from a very young age?  Our children’s ministry focus is to lay a solid foundation on an intellectual, spiritual and social level.  Kids must know, believe and live the Christian life.  In doing so, we follow a path of growth we call the 4 Quests…

Join In

Children’s ministry starts with getting their attention.  Fun programs, lively atmosphere and friendly staff is foundational in all children’s programs.



Team Up

The Christian life is all about relationships.  First and foremost is our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Our programs consistently present the Gospel in a variety of ways, formal and informal.  Secondly, relationships with other Christians are key to further growth.  The old adage is true; we become like the company we keep.  We encourage and allot for social time to enable kids to build friendships with other believers.


Get Strong

Sunday morning programs focus on a systematic journey through the scripture and life application of scripture.  On Wednesday nights, AWANA focuses on scripture memorization and team building.  The ultimate goal is that kids know what the Bible says and how to apply that knowledge to everyday life situations.


Keep On

Who says ministry is reserved for adults?  For those kids who are dedicated to spending a little extra time at church there are opportunities for ministry to others.  Currently classes are offered in drama, puppetry, music, and crafts for sick and shut ins.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go? All nursery and children’s programs check-in at the Youth Lobby.  Ask any Hospitality Team member for directions.

What should I expect on my first visit? At check-in, all children are given name badges and their parents are issued corresponding pick up tickets.  These tickets will be matched at dismissal.  On your first visit you should stop by the check-in desk to register.  You should allot an extra 5 minutes for registration.  On subsequent visits you will simply enter your check-in code at the self check-in kiosk and your badges will be printed.  The check-in process (after your first visit) should take about 30 seconds.

Will my child be served a snack? KinderChurch and Nursery serve snacks on a regular basis.  Other programs will sometimes use candy for rewards in small group time. We also serve snacks as part of special day/holiday celebrations. If you have concerns about what foods your child may be served, please notify the attendant who checks your child in at the beginning of service.

What about medical issues/ food allergies? Make sure you notify the check-in host of your child’s allergies and any other medical needs or concerns.  They will note pertinent information on your child’s security badge.

Can I visit a service with my child? YES! We have an open door policy. We encourage parents to visit any children’s service or program with their child.  For security purposes, please notify the children’s staff of your visit for further instructions.

How do I pick-up my child? From the Youth Lobby, enter through the doorways on the outer ends of the Youth Auditorium.  You and your child will exit through the doors at the center of the Youth Auditorium where your security badge ID’s will be verified.   Parents of children 4th grade and above may elect to have their child self-released.  This means that when the adult service is over we will dismiss your child to come to you.  If you would like to have your child self-released, please ask at the check-in counter.

What is your discipline policy? Our programs are fast-paced. Severe discipline problems are rare. Our children’s staff lovingly corrects children who are being a distraction to others. After being corrected twice, children are separated. If problems persist, children are isolated in the back of the meeting room. If these measures are not effective, children will be delivered to the parents. In rare, extreme cases where the Children’s Staff and Children’s Pastor are in agreement that a child’s behavior poses a danger to himself or others, the child may be barred from participating in children’s programs unless their parent/guardian attends with them.

How will you find me if you need me?
In the event a parent is needed during service, we will try to locate you in the least distracting manner. First, your child will be escorted by an usher into the auditorium to attempt to locate you. It is a good idea to try to sit in the same general area and make sure your child knows where you sit. If we are unable to locate you using this manner, we will attempt to call your cell phone (assuming your child knows your number). If we are still unable to reach you, your pick-up tag number will be flashed on the screens at the front of the auditorium. If you have specific reasons to suspect you may be needed during service and do not have a cell phone, please notify a Children’s Staff member, and they will provide you with a pager from the nursery.

Can I join the ministry team? YES! We are always interested in talking to members of The Sanctuary who love children. All applicants are screened using personal references, length of attendance verification and national criminal records background checks. Applicants should have attended The Sanctuary for at least 6 months and must be a member or actively pursuing membership.


Cindy Coule

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